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Increasing Sales Results with Marketing Software Just Got Easier

It’s 2019 – the new era of digital advertising is here! However successful last year’s Black Friday and Christmas campaigns were no longer matters. It’s 2019 and how you start the year is important. This year, set your budget to produce results – increasing sales results, not just ads.

Sound good? Here we’ll set out 3 simple best practices to gaining better performance from your advertising budget throughout the 2019 Sales season and increase sales results with PPC digital marketing software.


Grow Your Business - Increasing Sales Results with Marketing Software Just Got Easier

Start your 2019 off on the right foot: use PPC marketing software to drive results.


A 2019 Strategy to Increase Sales Results


Online shoppers are increasingly tech-savvy, informed, and demanding. Brand loyalty has been supplanted by convenience and online shoppers expect the right result in the instant that they search for exactly what they want, whether they are researching or ready to buy. Where does this leave marketers? Simple: those with a sufficiently specific ad at the right time will see instant results. But how to reach everyone? Enter marketing software. With the right tools, from a single creative template, you can make hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of different ads, each of them optimized to different possible customers and ready to impact individuals as they search. Here’s how.


1: Activate Your Long Tail Audiences

When the pressure is on and competition for traffic is fierce, long tail audiences can be profitable and cost-effective niches that will drive the results you need without sending your budget into orbit. By creating ads that target specific, highly segmented audiences, you can optimize CTR, lowering your CPCs and increasing Quality Scores, and improving your users’ experience.

What does this look like in practice? Whether you are using marketing software or not, this is a key practice with extremely high potential. Instead of a generic ad with a one-size-fits-all headline – “Buy Shoes” – for example, an ad that includes detailed information such as brand, category, location, and other levels of personalization – think “Buy Nike Air Women’s Shoes” – will, when activated, be optimized for a much more exact and interested buyer, much further along the customer journey, and significantly more likely to convert than a more generic search.


Adquisition - Increasing Sales Results with Marketing Software Just Got Easier

Reach low cost, highly valuable long tail niches with PPC marketing software.


2: Get Inventive with Season-Specific CTAs 

Just like Christmas, Black Friday, and every other do-or-die ecommerce moment, the different offers you can use to package the products you want to sell are going to be a key driver of results. The only problem is the lottery of which offer will perform best. Our answer? Spread your bets. Automatically create all the possible ads that could drive results, expand your tests to drive much more data, and make decisions in real time to guide you towards better results in a much more scientific way.

Come up with a set number of different offers – think Free Delivery, 40% Off, 2 for 1… – and start a comprehensive test that you can update in real-time. All you need to do is duplicate the campaigns that you have already created, (modifying the offer you want to apply in each case), let them run and prioritize the adgroups that work best as the results come in.


3: Optimize your Investment with Marketing Software

And how to maintain control of this amount of ads? The Spaceboost Optimizer. By connecting your campaigns to our algorithms, and establishing the overall performance goals you want to achieve from your investment, you can ensure the overall budget you invest in advertising will be optimized to achieve the overall business goals that you define.

If an ad is not providing sufficient value, it will be paused, while high-performing keywords, adgroups, and ads will be identified and prioritized to allow you to ensure they have the budget they need to continue driving sales. Isolate what works and never waste budget advertising for a product that has already sold out, or that is driving irrelevant traffic.


Working - Increasing Sales Results with Marketing Software Just Got Easier

Prioritize the ads that work, pause the ones that don’t. Easy!


Marketing Software for the Win!


Online retail in 2019 is going to be a different proposition than it was in 2018.  The customer journey as we once understood it no longer applies and your advertising strategy needs to adapt accordingly or become an anachronism. PPC marketing software provides the most effective solution to this need. You can organize your spending so that you only dedicate budget to those ads that are performing in a way that is useful for your business. And, thanks to the increased amount of data you can drive, identify the combinations that will provide return for your ecommerce, and attribute your investment in a more effective way.

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Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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