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3 Steps to More Christmas Sales With AI Marketing

Online retail is taking over the world and, naturally, online advertising is the key for any business that wants to sell their products online. In high-value shopping moments like the Christmas holidays, the better designed your online advertising strategy, the more you will sell. Here are three essential tips to boost results and how you can do it better with automation technology.

Grow Your Business - 3 Steps to More Christmas Sales With AI Marketing

Enjoy a high-value Christmas with PPC Automation technology.


Before we begin, here are a couple of quick stats to set the tone for this article:

  • According to Statista, Ecommerce revenue for 2018 hit $1,785,733m in 2018, up 14% on 2017 (itself a year of record growth for online business). And, big picture, from 2014 to 2021’s projected results, a predicted increase of nearly 250% in worldwide ecommerce spending is on the table.
  • E-marketer reports that Amazon accounted for over a quarter of online holiday spending last year, and in 2018 all retail sales – whether online or in-store – are set to grow by 3.8% in 2018, to the tune of $691.9bn.

Quick conclusions from these numbers? Retail is on the up, online retail is the future, and online advertising is an essential part of any business that wants to grow and keep growing. In fact this is already the reality, and those that are advertising effectively online currently have access to remarkable opportunities to scale their business. So, without further ado, here are three steps to make the most of the ever-growing opportunity that is the holiday season, and how our AI-powered marketing tool makes that advertising simpler, more efficient, and more effective.


1. Get Your Budget Right!


The Tip

The first thing you *need* to do is to make sure you’re spending enough on your campaigns to ensure your performance isn’t rendered useless by the seasonal increase in bid competition. The last thing you want to do is spend too little and not be able to reaching your ideal audience. But how to know how much you’ll need? There’s a lot to learn from last year’s results, from just how much you invested, how many sales you made, and how fast your budget ran out at what points.

Why Automate?

You could do this by checking all the historical data you can on Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, Google Ads, and any and all other channels you were using to promote your business and products in the relevant period from the previous year. But if you’d been managing your ad investment on Spaceboost last Christmas, all you’d need to do would be select the relevant holiday advertising period on your performance dashboard, check the parameters you had established and applied to your campaigns across all the channels you’d selected, and adapt your strategy accordingly. 

Not only does this make it significantly easier to make predictions with your overall business goals in mind, the overall budget you invest towards making Christmas sales will be optimized to achieve the overall business goals that you define. If a keyword is not providing sufficient value, it will be paused, while high-value keywords and ads will receive the budget they need to continue appearing.


my campaigns - 3 Steps to More Christmas Sales With AI Marketing

Check the historic performance for all your ad investment in a single, intuitive dashboard.



2: Christmas Keywords, Christmas Ad Copy, Christmas PPC Results


The Tip

Of course, the holiday season is an opportunity to sell, but it’s also an opportunity to grow. Make sure your campaigns are open enough to include generic searches from potential first-time customers who don’t know what to buy for Christmas. Think “Christmas present”, “Gift wrapping” “Christmas Delivery” etc… Adding season-specific terms to your keywords and ad copy allows you to ensure the customer intent behind the clicks you’ll be paying for.  

Google says 76% of searchers change their mind after searching online. What does this mean? An opportunity to gain more customers. A well-organized and adequately funded PPC strategy is going to be a high-value profit driver for your ecommerce. Find the most competitive keywords you can, and know that appearing is going to be worth the added increase.


Why Automate?

The bonus of using Automation technology? On Spaceboost, instead of having to manually create an entirely new campaign structure with these new keywords and ads in Google Ads, Bing etc. you can duplicate your exisiting configuration on Spaceboost, update it once with the new copies and keywords, and automatically apply these modifications to the entirety of your ad architecture. It will be done in a matter of clicks, not hours, providing you with relevant and powerful ads you need in very little time, freeing you up to dedicate more time to high-value strategic tasks.

In addition, you’ll not only ensure you can efficiently include customized generic keywords, but also that you can reach a full range of long-tail searches that are so specific they almost guarantee a conversion.


Ad creation 1 - 3 Steps to More Christmas Sales With AI Marketing

Easily create custom Christmas ads for all your catalogue of products.



3. Optimize It All


The Tip

It is a story as old as marketing itself. Success is a process of constant revision. You need to start advertising, measure performance, and react, learn, and adapt until you improve your results. Many account managers are still doing this manually, laboriously pausing, revising, and enabling as many ads as they can with a series of ever growing excel sheets. Whether it’s due to highly aggressive bidding from competitors or irregular customer spending patterns, you need to be reacting to the performance of your ad strategy as dynamically as possible to ensure you aren’t missing out on traffic that counts, or wasting precious budget on clicks that don’t.


Why Automate?

With Spaceboost’s Optimizer, you can create custom Optimization Settings in which you define the business goals you need to achieve with your advertising budget – from max CPC to Objective ROI. You set the overall parameters that establish the results you want from your investment and select which campaigns and adgroups it will apply to.

It is a failsafe and effective method to ensure your ads perform towards your goals, rather than simply generating clicks for Google regardless of their real business value. Instead of limiting yourself to what you can achieve manually, set the rules by which you want your entire ad architecture to abide without limit, and watch and monitor the results as they come in, in real-time, on a single dashboard containing all your investment on all your channels.


Optimizer GF - 3 Steps to More Christmas Sales With AI Marketing

Ensure your ad investment works to achieve your business goals, not just clicks for Google.


Automation-powered marketing is quite simply a more effective way of doing business. Do you want to be stuck doing it manually next year while your competitors automate their way to better results? We want to make it as easy as possible for advertisers of all kinds to automate and optimize their paid marketing investment. Check the comprehensive guides in our Help Centre, become a PPC expert with the Spaceboost Academy, or – best of all – sign up for your full, free, and supported 30-day trial.



Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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