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How to advertise internationally with Google Ads

5 Tips to Sell Internationally Online with Google Ads

So you want to sell in new countries? Sounds great. In the new world of ecommerce, every business has the potential to be worldwide. But before you start investing on ads to get new customers and sell internationally online, you need to get a few things straight first. That includes how to advertise internationally on Google Ads. These five steps will prepare you to create profitable international Google Ads campaigns in very little time.

To that end, here is a quick, but essential checklist that you can follow to make sure you are ready to set up shop in new and exciting lands.


How to Sell Internationally Online

7Gráfico 4 - 5 Tips to Sell Internationally Online with Google Ads

This is what one company was able to achieve successfully replicating their ad structure on Spaceboost.


Translate your Product Catalogue

If your targeted country is not an English-speaking one, obviously enough, the first thing you are going to need to do is translate your product catalogue! You are not going to get good Quality Scores or results from international campaigns if your ads send potential new customers to a website that is in a language they don’t understand. Hire a translator to recreate your website, or set up a country-specific landing page as a way to test the product in the new country you want to expand into. Then, send all your ad traffic from that country to that website.

This is an essential step, and the better you do it, the better your campaigns will perform. Try reaching out to your Google rep, using a professional translator to validate ad copy, product information, and keywords to make sure you’re not missing out on local nuances that will make the difference.

Want to see how it’s done? Check how Decowood used ad automation to spread into new countries, and start invoicing millions.


Select an Ad Structure that Works, Fine-tune, and Replicate it

Now that you’ve got a landing page in the right language, you’ll also need some ads. Just as there is a difference in performance between locations within your own country, there will be some audience particularities for each new market you go into which will require some fine-tuning, but, thanks to the international language of PPC results, the success of Google Ads campaigns is replicable across borders (as long as you follow the data for each market to ensure performance improves). This is where ad automation technology comes in handy. You could manually create all the new ads you want to publish in, say, Poland. But it is quite possible you don’t have time (or the knowledge of Polish) to do this effectively.

Alternatively, with a tool like Spaceboost, you can check which campaigns are providing the best results in your home country and language, sync the (freshly translated) product catalogue to the Spaceboost structure generator, and be ready to start advertising in very little time! If you start with a small budget, you can test performance before investing more and increasing budget as the results start coming.


Know your Consumer, Wherever They Are

With Google’s Consumer Barometer, you can check how your target demographic is behaving online in the location that you want to impact. Did you know about website accessiblity issues in China? That’s an important bit of information! Easily solvable with a Mobile-first strategy, though 😉


China Consumer Barometer - 5 Tips to Sell Internationally Online with Google Ads

Example of a market-specific (China) insight from Google’s Consumer barometer.


Set up your Delivery Processes

Before you start driving conversions in a new country, you want to make sure that you are prepared to deliver what your ads are promising. That means checking with your current transport company what their conditions and costs are for the country you are targeting, and factor in the new logistical costs into your ad strategy. 

It pays to make sure you’re ready before you advertise!


Start Small, Define your CPA for that Country, and then Scale.

Before you invest a single cent in online ads, you need to calculate the net gain you will achieve with each sale those ads drive. Without knowing how much you are getting from each sale, you can’t know what the right amount to invest in making that sale is. To make this calculation you need to factor in everything that it will cost you to successfully carry out a sale, including the max CPC you can afford for each ad, to the delivery fee per product in the country. Makes sense, right?

For more instructions on how to make sure your new international ad campaigns work well, check out our post on what Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) is and how it can improve ecommerce strategy.

Carla Tarres
Head of Sales, Spaceboost
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