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Maximize PPC marketing Black Friday 2019

5 Tips to Maximize Black Friday 2019 PPC Marketing Performance

Black Friday is a juggernaut. As customers have become more agile and aware, store footfall has fallen while each year more focus falls on online research, searches, and sales. The bottom line? Those with the best PPC performance strategies for the month of November 2019 will be the ones who come out smiling once this year’s purple patch for ecommerce has come and gone.

So, how to prepare yourself for the moment in the year in which customers are most predisposed to buy? Get a strategy to mazimize your PPC marketing strategy: reach each user before they make their buying decision with an attractive proposal and a specific format that is adjusted to their web navigation and behaviour. Here are 5 ways to prepare your paid marketing campaigns for Black Friday, and how you can do it better with Spaceboost.


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In the US alone, the combined online shopping spend in the US reached $14.5bn over Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


5 Ways to Maximize PPC Marketing for Black Friday 2019


1. Adjust your PPC budget

If this is the first time you’re heading into Black Friday, the most important message to transmit is: make sure you don’t miss out. We understand, budgets are tight, but this is not the time to hold back. You don’t want to miss out on sales when your ads are at their most potent, and regret it when the customers have packed up and dealt. Yes, your CPCs will rise, but so too will traffic and your conversion rate, and (if you follow these handy tips) your CPAs will drop accordingly, so the more investment available the better!

For extremely restricted budgets, there are also options for optimizing your investment: scaling back your spend before Black Friday gets going, and also during the so-called ‘Black Friday Hangover’, in which recent December sales have slowed following the ever more extravagant Black Friday glut. Best practice? If you have comparable historical account performance from your campaigns’ spend last year, check how your BF investment fits into the big picture of your annual results, analyse it, and (loosely) structure your plan around it.


2. Plan bid adjustments for peak hours

High traffic means high competition. Black Friday is an all-bets-are-off situation and creating a custom plan is not going to be as simple as increasing the budget for your normal campaigns and hoping for the best. The ad scheduling you have established for your year-round campaigns is not going to cut it – so update your account settings to make sure your ads are appearing throughout the Black Friday period, and that you are not lowering or pausing your bid strategy at potentially high-value moments. Similarly, you’ll want to research and incorporate bid increases in peak hours when the sales will be flying thick and fast.


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Maximize PPC Marketing for Black Friday


3. Retargeting lists!

With a well-laid plan, this 10 day period is a wealth of opportunities to gain, and use, data about your target customers. Enter retargeting lists: one of the main benefits of the Black Friday period, and, if used correctly, an opportunity to create value that will last well into 2019. Ideally, from the beginning of November, you should be launching generic campaigns to generate traffic and identify users who, though they are not ready to buy yet, will be well worth the extra CPC spend come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Naturally, if you already have retargeting lists available, create campaigns specifically designed to take advantage of this user insight throughout Black Friday and its aftermath, adapting copies to address the concerns that prevented them from converting the first time around. According to Google, early November sees a rise in generic ‘Black Friday’ based searches, followed by more specific searches including products, locations, and promotions. As the day approaches and as your potential buyers move further along the customer journey, you will be able to identify users with high-intent, create specific campaigns with strategic USPs, adapted extensions, and more aggressive bidding strategies… all to make sure you get the sale.


4. Mobile campaigns for Black Friday

Last year, ThinkWithGoogle noted that “the mobile transaction rate jumps 40% during the Thanksgiving weekend when compared with the rest of the year.” While in part this is attributable to the growing popularity of mobile as a research tool – and its normalization as a point of conversion for ecommerce, the unusual shopping hours that Black Friday imposes undeline the fact that your paid campaigns need to be available, optimized, and firing on all cylinders on all possible devices.

In order to capitalize on each and every possible device when your target audience is ready to convert, adapt and segment separate campaigns by device, optimizing each towards device-specific behavioural characteristics, including conversion paths, customer intent, and display performance. Here’s some tips on how to optimize your campaigns to ensure best possible mobile performance.


5. Maximize your PPC Black Friday

In short, Spaceboost’s PPC Ad Automation platform will make it significantly easier to capitalize on the cash cow that is Black Friday. Without technology, online ad campaigns are on average 90% inefficient. With our multichannel PPC platform, you can use your product information to quickly generate massive campaign architectures composed of thousand of ads combining, for example, your product sub-categories with the term ‘Black Friday’, allowing you to reach 100% of your potential audiences with highly segmented messaging that, without automation technology, would be impossible.

Simply put, in today’s market, technology allows you to be more agile, apply changes to campaigns in a matter of minutes, and react to performance in real time to achieve the goals that you set. What are you waiting for? Have a good Black Friday.

Carla Tarres
Business Development Manager, Spaceboost
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