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How to Optimize PPC Campaigns to Get Better ROI

The Spaceboost Academy is full of high-quality resources designed to help anyone interested in the world of PPC marketing to drive significantly more effective return on their investment. Our team of PPC experts, including Spaceboost CEO and founder, Nacho Rodés, detail exactly what you need to do to automate, optimize, and get the most out of your PPC investment at every stage of the process.

Here we’ve compiled an extract from our PPC Experts Academy course, in which we detail five key guidelines to follow when working to optimize the ROI of your PPC campaigns, from how to work collecting data, analyzing that data and executing decisions based on the results of your analysis.



How to Optimize PPC Campaigns

So what does it take to optimize the ROI of your PPC campaigns? If done well, the process is above all a scientific one. It is a process defined on collecting data, attributing, and adapting your strategy based on the lessons to be learned from each ad’s performance. Whether that means adjusting your bids, pausing ineffective ads, or changing ad format, there are a few factors that you should always take into account.


Here’s a quick summary of everything you will learn in this video lesson!


1. The relationship between Converstion Rate, Target ROI and Target CPA.

2. Which audiences to focus on, and which keywords to use to get you there.

3. How to scale your PPC campaigns profitably.

4. Finding the perfect audiences – and balance of CPCs.

5. How to set realistic, achievable, and high-value ROI goals.


Learn from PPC Experts in our Free Academy!

Here at Spaceboost, we believe intelligent, transparent automation is the future. The more people who become PPC experts, the better! Once you start learning PPC Automation, you’ll never look back. Each of our lessons is delivered by a SEM expert with hands on experience innovating and driving game-changing growth with PPC automation technology.

At the end of the course, there will be a final test, cementing your newly earned PPC knowledge and, hopefully, confirming your status as a PPC Search Marketing expert. You will have a PPC certification to your name, and the knowledge and understanding to use PPC automation and optimization to deliver game-changing growth to your company.


Carla Tarres
Business Development Manager, Spaceboost
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