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How to use Google Ads event

Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

What an event! Last week we welcomed over 100 people – from entrepreneurs to digital marketing pros to eCommerce beginners – to our Google Ads Masterclass for ecommerce, delivered together with Google and with collaboration from PrestaShop in the heart of Barcelona. The objective? Teach them all how to use Google Ads.


The day was all designed towards a single master objective: that everyone present would be able to start using the power of Google Ads to increase sales and improve return on their investment in online advertising. From Spaceboost, Google, and PrestaShop, and various top professionals from ecommerces – Yvonne Bayer from Robin Collection, José Facchin from JF Digital, and Enrique Aguilar from Packhelp – to make sure that every one of the attendees walked away in a position to start advertising online with Google Ads.

How did we do it? Over a series of practical workshops we took every attendee through the essential steps to start advertising online with PPC. Over the next days and weeks, we will be publishing summaries of the key lessons of the day in detail. For now, here’s a quick look through some of the different workshops, with photos!


How to use Google Ads

Googleadsmasterclass2 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

Not only did a wide range of experts with several years of experience join forces to explain the world of PPC search advertising from top to bottom, we helped those who didn’t have a Google Ads account to create one, and several attendees left the Masterclass raring to go on Google Ads. Here, Carlos García Moreno from Google Spain, detailed the growth of Search and Shopping as direct channels connecting advertisers to their possible customers the world over.


How to use automation technology to advertise online

Googleadsmasterclass3 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

Throughout the event, professionals from Spaceboost and Google helped individual attendees to create the accounts that they would need to start advertising online in a more efficient, profitable, and modern way. That ranged from a dedicated Google Ads booth that showed people how to create a Google Ads account, to individual consultancy sessions with Spaceboost’s Ops team (as seen above), taking each would-be-advertiser through the process of beginning to advertise their ecommerce online.


Content marketing for eCommerce, José Facchin

Googleadsmasterclass4 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

It wasn’t all Paid Search! In a separate, complementary room of workshops, José Facchin, SEO Specialist and founder of JF Digital and Webescuela, gave a top Masterclass on how to use Content Marketing to grow an ecommerce, including an overview of the different tools to use to analyze and outperform your competition, and a step-by step guide to preparing an intelligent and optimally structured content strategy.


The perfect campaign structure for Google Search and Google Shopping

Googleadsmasterclass5 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

Pablo Callejón, Spaceboost CMO & Founder, explained how Automation technology is changing the way the world is advertising, selling, and buying online.


Case studies from Robin Collection, Carethy, and Sweet Messages

Googleadsmasterclass6 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

Yvonne Bayer, Head of Digital Marketing at Robin Collection, Sergio Gil, CMO at Carethy, and Ion Vidaurreta, CEO of Sweet Messages take part in a round table discussion about how each of their businesses used technology to improve their online advertising.


Packaging as a marketing tool, Enrique Aguilar

Googleadsmasterclass8 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads

Enrique Águilar, Country Manager Spain, Packhelp, delivered a key session on how to use packaging as an unmissable opportunity to spread your company’s message, values, and brand identity.


How to use the Spaceboost module for PrestaShop

Googleadsmasterclass9 - Barcelona Learns How to Use Google Ads


María Fonoll, Head of Ecommerce at Spaceboost, takes the attendees through the process of using Spaceboost for ecommerce to easily create large, effective, and personalized ad campaigns on Google Ads that would drive more customers to the products they want to sell on their online stores. If you’ve got an online store, check out the module here!

If you missed out on the event, don’t worry, more are on the way! If you want to make sure you never miss out, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on social media! We will also be posting more content summing up the key learnings from the event, so stay tuned!

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Content Manager, Spaceboost
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