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€4M to Become a Global Reference for Online Advertising

It’s shaping up to be an amazing year! Thanks in part to our close partnerships with Google and Bing, we have just secured €4M in funding to transform Barcelona into a global hub for online advertising, and Spaceboost into a point of reference in the world of digital advertising, providing advertisers with simple automation and optimization technology for their online ads.

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The growing Spaceboost team changing the face of online advertising


If you (somehow) didn’t already know us, Spaceboost is a Barcelona-based startup that is developing machine learning automation and optimization technology for PPC ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and Amazon, and we are making steady headway towards achieving our goal: becoming an international point of reference in the world of online advertising.

After becoming a fully independent business in January 2019, and swiftly growing to a team of 37 workers, we have just obtained €4M in funding from founding partners and two family offices in Catalonia.


What is Spaceboost?

Officially born in 2018, the company is a spin-off of RocketROI, Spain’s leading PPC-specific ad agency, which was created by the founders of Spaceboost to test and develop their product. In just four years, that technology drove RocketROI to become one of the quickest growing agencies in Europe (taking home a Google Premier Partner Award in 2018) and providing eye-catching results on clients such as Allianz, Superstudio, The North Face, Apartum, and Top Doctors and being recognized as a Cloudera Case Study.

This success led the three founders to hand over control of the agency and create Spaceboost. A close partnership with Google and Bing (as well as a PrestaShop module) allows users of the SAAS platform to optimize their ad spend across these different channels, with the focus always on their own business needs, whether that is traffic, conversions, or ROI.


Grow your business - €4M to Become a Global Reference for Online Advertising

Grow your business with Spaceboost!


Currently, Spaceboost has some 2,500 customers, ranging from a growing community of free users to larger businesses and agencies investing tens of thousands of euros monthly. Thanks to these customers, there are some 8,000 separate ad accounts being optimized by Spaceboost worldwide – amounting to €90M annually managed budget and a projected income of €2M in 2019.

“We want to make Barcelona a new global hub for online advertising. We’re the only platform in this sector that offers a free version for an unlimited amount of time. We don’t want anyone to be unable to start automating, so we allow everyone who wants to use our platform to do so for free until they invest X amount per month.”

Nacho Rodés, Spaceboost CEO & Founder

Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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