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Fever Case Study

Fever is Rising: The Perfect Automation Case Study

Fever is rising. Having just secured a new funding round of €31M, they are accelerating their international expansion. But behind every success there is a history of hard work, of well-timed business decisions, and – since just over a year ago – of ad automation technology.

This is how Spaceboost and Fever proved the perfect match; a case study of total synergy between automation technology and a business model destined to go global.



Fever’s Global Head of Marketing, Javier Macias, came to our Barcelona offices (SpaceHub) to talk about how they scaled their ad spend with automation technology, increasing conversions over 200% and reducing their CPL in the process.


The Background

Fever is the leading entertainment discovery platform, with a mission to inspire people through experiences. They are currently present in more than 12 cities like Madrid, New York, London, Paris and in the middle of a big ongoing expansion to keep innovating and inspiring people in more and more cities.

“The experience industry is booming and there is a big opportunity. New generations don’t want to buy things anymore, they want to fill their lives with experiences and have stories to tell and share in social media.”

– Javier Macias, Global Head of Marketing, Fever

The Challenge

concert fever - Fever is Rising: The Perfect Automation Case Study

Fever is committed to connecting people with the best experiences in their cities and elsewhere.


The challenge for Fever was to find a way to keep up with the advertising they needed for each of their events as, manually, it was impossible for them to manage a structure which would cover everything they had to offer.

Their product catalog was so big, in such a variety of markets, and filled with events which would be available for a very short amount of time – and which vary due to dynamic pricings, ticket availability, and many other factors – that it was very difficult to keep a good ROI. They had an extremely complex and wide-ranging online ad strategy, not only in terms of creating ad structures but also in terms of managing the bidding strategy and the pausing and activation of their ads. In short, they needed to find a solution.

“You can’t have people 24/7 checking all the variables and spending hours manually uploading and updating campaigns, it’s super inefficient. We wanted to go big and deliver great results and that’s when we knew we had to find a good technological partner.”

– Javier Macias, Global Head of Marketing, Fever

The Strategy

Then they found Spaceboost. The automation-empowered strategy was to take advantage of the complexity of their product catalog. By integrating their data onto the Spaceboost management platform with dynamic data feeds, they could have their entire product catalog (that’s a constantly changing list of events for 5 different countries and 13 different cities) constantly synchronized and ready to create ad structures filled with personalized and up-to-date ads for each of the events they wanted to advertise, at all times.

And, even better, by including the commission and overall cost of each event in the Data Feed, they could automatically determine the optimal target CPA for each, individual ad.


cover ps 1 - Fever is Rising: The Perfect Automation Case Study

An exact rendering of Spaceboost’s ad automation software.


The Results

The results are there for all to see. On a purely organisational level, the time saved in terms of campaign creation allowed Fever to ensure they focused on the individual elements of each event they were advertising. Instead of competing for high-cost, generic keywords, they could target a much more specific audience segment for every event, adjust bidding on an ad-by-ad case, and replicate this process at scale.

Before using Spaceboost, they were making an average of 7,000 updates to their campaigns monthly (that means ad combinations, pricing, location, time, availability, target CPA…) With this technology, last month they were able to make over 100,000 changes monthly. And the business results aren’t far behind. From January to June 2018 vs the same period in 2019, they increased conversions +220%, with a CPL down -16%. Not bad.

“Our team is able to provide much more value because they have time to step back from the operational task, see the big picture and think about strategy and new ways to deliver better results and add new channels.”

– Javier Macias, Global Head of Marketing, Fever 

Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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