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Goodbye Google Adwords, Hello Google Ads!

Big news from Google! It has just been announced that, starting July 24, 2018, the new Google Ads brand—including the new name and logo— will start to replace the old look in the product interface, Help Center, billing documents, and more.

Google has been clear that “Changes to the Google Ads branding will not impact your campaign performance, navigation, or reporting,” but the URL to access accounts will change from to


Blog post gAds - Goodbye Google Adwords, Hello Google Ads!


As well as the name and logo rebrand, the old AdWords interface is also soon to be phased out. You can see our full take on the change here.

Spaceboost loves AdWords, and we love change and development in the digital advertising sector. Our PPC management technology allows businesses to link their existing AdWords accounts to our platform, create massive, intelligently composed, and responsive campaign structures, and drive eye-watering growth, reaching many more of the right people for their business, at the right time.

“Spaceboost decided to use the Material Design as frontend technology two years ago. We are happy to see how both Google and Spaceboost find the same way to solve the same user experience problem; it confirms Spaceboost is doing a great job and becoming a reference for adtech companies.”

– Albert Morcillo, Spaceboost CEO and founder


Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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