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Decowood Spaceboost Case Study

How Decowood Automated Ads, Got New Customers, and Grew!

Ever ask yourself: how to grow a company internationally with paid media? Well, if you did, Decowood has the answer! After starting out as a very local business designing, making, and putting up wooden boxes for sale online, they are now invoicing millions, and are on the verge of international expansion, all thanks to an automated online ads strategy.

We spoke to Fernando Jiménez, the CEO and founder of Decowood, about how they merged offline and online worlds to grow their business from its first steps on the road to international success, without ever abandoning their dream: becoming the carpenters of the 21st Century.


The Case Study: Meet Decowood!

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Decowood’s founders and CEOs, Josep Talavera and Fernando Jiménez.


Decowood was born in 2015 as an ambitious but well-designed project with a single goal: to revolutionize the world of wood with a small investment: just €3,000. They started designing wooden boxes from sustainably-sourced locations and then putting them up for sale online. Soon enough, creating the perfect union between traditional artisanry and functionality became one of their principal objectives, bringing personality, design, and quality to each and every one of their products.

Last year they invoiced a total of €4M and were ready to step their international expansion up to the next level. But where to start?


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First Step? Build Awareness.

Fernando Jiménez: “When we started this project, we had no experience in online business, but what we have seen is that, with commitment and some hard work, you can achieve a lot through a simple but well-constructed strategy. Approximately a year ago we started advertising with Google Ads and recently we started creating content specifically for Facebook Ads. For our business, online advertising is essential in the awareness stage of the funnel, where we are concerned with letting people know about our brand, our products, and the way we work. At the beginning, the results weren’t what we were expecting, but in the end, we saw that it comes full circle: it’s an investment that, if you dedicate a bit of time to it, ends up more than paying for itself.”


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Decowood team members (celebrating their online ad metrics).


Find the Automation Tools to Allow You to Grow

FJ: We wanted a marketing tool that would allow us to advertise online, effectively, without spending time we didn’t have trying to manage the whole process. After a pretty comprehensive research process we settled on Spaceboost.”

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Make Ads for Everything you Have, Always Up to Date

FJ: Our business model is dynamic – we have a product catalogue that is never less than 5,000 products at a time, we are always working on new and personalized items, or quickly selling out of stock in a particularly popular product, and often enough we want to run promotions for certain time-periods, in certain places, for specific products. Whenever we open a new business process, we do our best to always make sure that whatever process we start using is scalable, because the plan is always to grow.

In this case, it was clear that we don’t have the time to constantly update ad campaigns for the amount of products we want to sell. What we were able to do was synchronize our product catalogue to the Spaceboost App, which meant we are always able to have ads ready for all of our products, as soon as we upload them to our website.


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Decowood’s ad automation process on Spaceboost


FJ: This [above] is how our product catalogue appeared on the ad automation app immediately after running the synchronization. The next step was to use that information – with all the information about our products separated into categories, brands, and keywords – to create the relevant ads for everything we wanted to sell, using the templates that we felt were most appropriate. Then we set the language we wanted to advertise in, the budget we had to spend, and we were ready There were a few things we had to do to make sure everything went as smoothly in the new country as they had in Spain, like setting up the delivery processes, and translating our website,but other than that it was incredibly easy.


What does the future hold for Decowood?

Foto5 min - How Decowood Automated Ads, Got New Customers, and Grew!

Decowood had the quality product, Spaceboost helped them deliver it to the people who would love it.


FJ: We knew exactly what we wanted when we started this business – we dreamed of revolutionizing the world of wooden Home and Decor – and we’re happy to say we’re on the right track! We define ourselves as the carpenters of the 21st Century, we design products artisanally with natural material, inspired by nature, classic mediterranean style, and above all, by wood itself. Now we’re delighted to, little by little, spread our products across the world.

Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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