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Ecommerce strategy 2019

PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

 If you have an Ecommerce in 2019, there are no two ways about it – you need to be advertising online. Here we’ll show you a PPC strategy for ecommerce to simply and effectively automate online advertising for your ecommerce and drive more sales to your online store!

*This article is based on using Paid Search engine ad programs like Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Merchant Centre), Bing Ads, and Amazon Ads to drive highly specific traffic to your online store. You can do this by using adtech to create and deliver the perfect ad to respond to the search term they use.


5.5 billion - PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

5.5 billion searches are carried out every day on Google per day. Here’s how to immediately drive the highest-value traffic to your online store. Source: Internet Live Stats.



Then, using Machine Learning tech, you can ensure that, of those ads – you only pay for the ones that create value for your business, and don’t waste a cent on the ones which don’t. We know this sounds good. In 2019, there’s no excuse not to be automating your ecommerce advertising strategy. It’s simple, easy, and effective. Here’s how!


Automate Online Advertising to Get More Sales!

Blog image1 - PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

Create the ideal PPC strategy for ecommerce for your business with easy, effective online advertising

PPC Strategy for ecommerce

As PrestaShop’s Bertand Amaraggi told the crowds at our Google Ads Masterclass for Ecommerce in Barcelona, there is a common experience that often happens to new ecommerce store owners. They spend a lot of time making their website perfect, taking beautiful photos of their products for their store’s launch… and then nobody visits their site.

An optimized online ad strategy is fundamental to success in the digital age. Starting now, creating and running ad campaigns has to be more than an afterthought. It is essential.


How to increase online sales? Find the people who want to buy your stuff

The good news is, the new reality of digital marketing has changed the game for online advertisers. The prominence of Search and Shopping means that it is now entirely possible to find the people who are looking for exactly what you are offering – and point them in the direction of your beautifully created store.

As Pablo Molins, our PPC expert, explains in more detail here – start with your Keywords, and everything else will fall into place. The more possible keywords that your campaign structure includes, the more possibilities you have to reach your potential audience: the people who want to buy your products.


There’s a perfect keyword for everyone

How to make sure you don’t miss out on these searches? Separate the items you are selling into the different elements that define them – the same elements that somebody could be searching for. That means:

  • Your Brand
  • The Category your product falls into
  • The Subcategory
  • The name of each Product
  • Your possible Competition
  • Etc.

Then you can combine these elements into the different possible searches that a potential customer would search for. Here is an ideal structure for your keyword creation that can help make sure that you will be prepared for any search at any stage of the conversion funnel with the perfect ad:


PPC structure Pablo - PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

How to create a comprehensive keyword structure guaranteed to drive sales for your ecommerce


With Spaceboost, you can automate this process, creating up to millions of custom ads in very little time. We take the business information you provide (your products, their location, price, etc.) and convert them into highly valuable online ads with our ad templates, leaving you with an ideal online ad structure for your ecommerce, ready to drive high-value traffic to your store. It’s frankly brilliant.


Add in customer audiences from Google

The days of only basing online ad strategies on last-click attribution alone are (or should be) over. By identifying and separating your audience according to their exact stage of the customer journey, you can use their likelihood to convert as a guiding principle to make the ideal advertising strategy for each individual.

With Google’s ever expanding toolkit, you can separate your potential PPC audience into segments according to their online behaviour, their buyer profile, and even their personal history with your brand. From YouTube Affinity, to AdWords Intent, to Customer Match, there is no shortage of sources of information that will allow you to provide a better, more targeted service, and be ready to adapt your business strategy to ensure you cover the full extent of the marketing funnel. 


Blog image2 - PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

With a well-structured audience (see step #1), you can be sure to impact the right type of customer, at the right time, with the right ad.


A dynamic shop window to advertise online

And, with a Dynamic Product feed connected to Spaceboost, you can be sure that you only ever advertise the stock you have available, that you are always creating specifically tailored ads for the products you want to sell, and that you can intelligently distribute all your products across the available audiences as defined above. All of this in a fraction of the time it would take to create and run manually.

For example, instead of manually creating new campaigns every time you get a new product, you can automatically refresh and update your shopping campaigns to your product catalogue. Start to see how this works? 


Get more sales from your ad spend

Machine Learning - PPC Strategy for Ecommerce: Automate Online Advertising in 2019

Our algorithms let the advertiser specify the objectives they desire from their investment, and then invest in the ads whose performance is most likely to achieve those objectives.


Now for the million-dollar question – how to make sure you don’t end up with a huge bill for these millions of ads with no results? If you have your product catalogue connected to Machine Learning-powered optimization algorithms (like the ones integrated in the Spaceboost platform) you can set the maximum budget you have to spend on each campaign, define the business objectives that you want to prioritize (whether it’s conversions, ROI, traffic, or more…) and set your ad investment to work for you.

If you’ve got any questions about how this works, we’ve got an entire PPC Academy dedicated to helping people learn how to use PPC automation technology to drive the perfect results for ecommerce. Want to see an example of what you can do? Check out our case study of a Home and Decor company that scaled from a one-country operation to become a market leader across Europe, all thanks to a PPC Automation strategy for their ecommerce.

Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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