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How to Get Started with PPC ROI Search

Hello and welcome to the world of ROI Search. Before you read another sentence, know that there is no magic formula that ensures marketing campaigns will have a high success rate. However, what you can do is ensure that the money you spend on advertising is designed to create return for your business.

This article will introduce you to the world of Search Marketing and provide you with an overview of everything you need for a successful ROI-oriented Search Engine Marketing strategy. Understanding the effects of ROI on your business can make the difference between failure and success. Once you understand this precept, everything else will fall into place. (Best of all, you’ll be able to start using the new wave of Machine Learning tools that are available, and which are without question going to drive the future of online business.) Ready?



What is ROI?

For those of you new to the game, ROI is a financial acronym that stands for Return On Investment. In the context of digital marketing, this means the revenue generated by all a company’s advertising spend. With marketing budgets on the rise, it’s no surprise that companies are becoming more focused on the monetary gain their business can achieve through marketing.

The most important distinction to make is that while Google and other Search Engines focus on selling you clicks, this is not a model that is directed towards achieving your business goals.


Trial and Error

The truth is, marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes rely on trial and error to some extent. It’s no secret that marketing campaigns don’t always perform as well as they’re expected to. That’s exactly why ROI has to be properly defined and tracked. Without understanding how much revenue a specific investment generates, it’s impossible to know whether too much or too little money is being spent.

We at Spaceboost don’t like wasting money; we make sure that any advertising is based on investments and performance results. What we do is very simple. As many marketers currently do manually, Spaceboost tracks the performance of every ad that you spend money on. The only difference is that, with Spaceboost, any marketer can generate thousands of different ads, monitor the performance of each of them, and optimize the overall performance of their investment to ensure return, all in much less time. Our Automation and Optimization technology simply ensures that there is enough data to discover, select, and prioritize those ads that will ensure you achieve your objectives; that you achieve your target ROI.


Scale Your Investment to Match Your Results

If you accurately track your ROI, you can accurately determine whether there is room for growth, and where. It allows you to effectively scale your ad investment in the knowledge you are not throwing away money (and it becomes easier to ask for a budget increase: more money in your budget means it’s easier to do your job.)

To learn how to measure ROI throughout your PPC Search Campaigns by learning how to implement and develop ROI Search Marketing strategies, sign up to our Spaceboost Academy and become ROI certified thanks to our team of veteran PPC experts.


Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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