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Expanded Text Ads

How to Write the Perfect Expanded Text Ad

A month ago, Google decided to expand (again) Expanded Text Ads. While there is little doubt Responsive Search Ads are Google’s favourite new ad type, the expanded capacity of classic text ads is not to be overlooked – especially since with Spaceboost you can use your business data to create thousands of ads in seconds to be optimized towards your business goals…

The new expansion allows advertisers to add a third headline, a second description, and increase text up to 90 characters for each description. And, while they have gotten bigger, these text ads are still made up of the same four key parts: a headline, a display URL, a description, and ad extensions. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to optimize each element of your (newly expanded) Expanded Text Ads to increase traffic, get conversions, and drive value for your business.


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Expanded Text Ads are optimized for Mobile



Now you’ve got three 30-character headlines, separated by vertical lines. Great! Even with the extra space, long held best practices still hold true: that means including your most important keyword-based message, a specific offer, and a clear, enticing, and accurate CTA that will make your ad stand out from the crowd.

Display URL

Google will take the final URL that your ad will link to and change it to display a basic domain. However you have the option to add two ‘Path’ fields – links which can give your potential customers a better idea of where they are being redirected to. In Google’s words: “If your final URL is, you might want your path text to be “Hiking” and “Shoes” so your ad’s display URL is” Make sure to use this optional extra, and to include keywords or relevant terms that reassure the searcher they are in the right place.


Everything that you promise in your headlines needs to be expanded on here. Now you have up to 180 characters to deliver the exact message you want to transmit. According to Google, your ad should be “specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering.” Highlight whatever is unique about your offer and your business, and make sure that every piece of information is delivering more value to the potential customer. 


Use these to get the most value out of each ad. Take the time to include them, as the more information about your business you can present, like its location, a clickable phone number, photos, reviews or additional links into your website, will make it easier for the client to get exactly what they want from your ad. Well thought-through extensions can dramatically increase CTR, CR, Customer Sastisfaction, and Conversions! 


And, with Spaceboost’s massive structure generator, the fact is that you can use your business data (once you have synced your business information to our platfrom via data feeds) to automatically create massive campaign structures of the largest possible combination of ads, keywords, and adgroups which our algorithms will optimize towards the best possible performance – ensuring your ad investment is working as efficiently as it possibly can towards achieving your business goals. Who needs Responsive Search Ads?


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How Spaceboost automatically creates up to date ads from your business data


Pablo Molins
PPC Expert and Operations Manager, Spaceboost
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