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How PPC Technology Boosted JEVNET to +340% ROI

Are you sitting comfortably? This is the story of how PPC technology helped JEVNET, the first agency to trust in Spaceboost’s automation technology, to gain 75 new clients – invoicing larger amounts – by pivoting to specialize in Google Ads, achieving eye-watering results for their existing clients, and attracting new ones to JEVNET in the process.

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JEVNET 2015 vs 2018


JEVNET before PPC Technology

When CEO Jordi Esquerigüela founded JEVNET ten years ago, it was as a 360° marketing agency – that is, they did more or less everything. They were profitable, it was going well – but they weren’t in a position to say no to anything; they couldn’t specialize. After Jordi met Spaceboost’s founder, Nacho Rodés in 2015, everything changed. Jordi decided to bet on Spaceboost’s PPC technology, specialize JEVNET’s business model, and prioritise a new vertical: Google Ads.

The results speak for themselves, but all the same, we talked with Jordi to explain how Spaceboost helped JEVNET to go from invoicing just 10% of their total revenue through Google Ads to being one of the top 3 agencies managing PPC investment in Spain in just seven months.


Blog Jevnet V1 1 - How PPC Technology Boosted JEVNET to +340% ROI

JEVNET at work

“I think our case is a bit special as we were the first agency to start working with Spaceboost. I always say that with JEVNET there is a before Spaceboost and an after Spaceboost. It was like opening a whole new business for us – and one that was full of opportunities.”

– Jordi Esquerigüela, JEVNET CEO


JEVNET with PPC Technology

They had been managing some investment in Google Ads, but it wasn’t a significant driver of growth. After changing strategy, they skyrocketed, both in terms of results for the clients they were managing at the time, and results for JEVNET as an agency – using Spaceboost as a commercial tool to attract new clients. They were able to provide their services to more clients – rising to 75 in total. Those clients were investing more in Google Ads – up to 65% from 10% of JEVNET’s invoicing before using Spaceboost.


Results for JEVNET clients

But it wasn’t just JEVNET, the agency, that benefited from the use of PPC technology, but also their new clients. By automating the generation of massive, hyper-segmented ad campaign structures on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, they were able to revolutionize the way in which they drove results online. Here are two stand-out examples.


Transportation: A taxi business in Barcelona

The plan: Step 1 – Capture keywords for all the major streets in Barcelona. Step 2 – Use Spaceboost’s automated campaign structure to create segmented ads for each of them.

1Tabla CardsData - How PPC Technology Boosted JEVNET to +340% ROI

“We were able to gain very specific searches where we practically had no competition. And by using the algorithms to segment our campaigns so much, we were able to increase the return on our investment”

– Company CEO


Ecommerce: Shampoo and hair gel ecommerce

The plan: Link their product catalogue to Spaceboost’s platform, create dynamic feeds and a massive campaign structure with a defined optimal CPA and a series of separate Adgroups for each product.

The Results:

2Tabla CardsData - How PPC Technology Boosted JEVNET to +340% ROI

“We were able to bid for ads for all of our products, control our stock, its price, and the ads all in real-time. It opened up the scale of our Ecommerce sales massively with a CPA controlled for each product.”

– Company CEO

Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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