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Learn Paid Search Marketing: Join the Spaceboost Academy

Here at Spaceboost, we’re committed to democratizing the world of paid search advertising, making the benefits of PPC automation and optimization available to everyone. From international powerhouses with accounts that cover millions of keywords across hundreds of international markets, to the solo entrepreneurs using our platform to reach their ideal audience, we believe in the power of automation to deliver results.

That’s why we created the Spaceboost Academy. It’s a series of video lessons, spread out across five key topics, that will allow advertisers of all kinds to dive into the basics of ROI Search Marketing, and come out the other side a better marketer. Here’s the introduction to the course, delivered by Spaceboost’s own CEO, Ignacio Rodés.


Introduction to the Spaceboost Academy



Who is the Spaceboost Academy for?

  • People who work in marketing who are looking to update their skills and digital knowledge.
  • People who don’t work in marketing but want to grow their company with PPC Search.
  • Entrepreneurs who are creating their own company.
  • Students who are looking for an internship or a full-time job.
  • Anyone who is interested in the future of marketing.


Emailing Academy - Learn Paid Search Marketing: Join the Spaceboost Academy

Carla, Nacho, and Kinga, your Spaceboost Academy expert teachers.


You will learn across a wide range of subject matters, from ROI fundamentals to very detailed exploration of how to use automation to drive growth. Each lesson is specifically designed to help you understand the way in which you can use PPC search marketing to intelligently scale your business, as well as explaining just how Spaceboost’s automation and optimization PPC platform has changed the way the world does PPC Search advertising.

Here is a breakdown of the four sections of the course, with a video lesson from each of them to give you an idea.


1. ROI Fundamentals: What is ROI Search?



2. Audience Targeting & Campaign Structure: Optimize Search Campaigns



3. Price Optimization: What is an Optimized CPC?



4. Automation: The Benefits of PPC Search Automation



At the end of the course, there will be a final test, cementing your newly earned PPC knowledge and, hopefully, confirming your status as a PPC Search Marketing expert. You will have a PPC certification to your name, and the knowledge and understanding to use PPC automation and optimization to deliver game-changing growth to your company.

Here at Spaceboost, we believe intelligent, transparent automation is the future. The more people who become PPC experts, the better!


Carla Tarres
Business Development Manager, Spaceboost
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