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PPC for Holiday Companies

How to Win at PPC for Holiday Companies

Time to book that holiday! For travel companies, July is a make-or-break month. Here are five tips to use PPC for holiday companies in the market for booking season success.

After the annual rush to book summer holidays, the holiday companies that are the best prepared will be the ones that come out on top. With increased demand, comes increased competition, but with a well-structured PPC automation campaign architecture and an intelligent, dynamic keyword strategy, PPC holiday companies can make sure they see the summer out without breaking a sweat.


HOLIDAY - How to Win at PPC for Holiday Companies


“Flights today”, “Hotels tonight”

Do your keyword research and build your strategy around it. In the past two years, travel-related searches that include the terms “tonight” and “today” have increased 150% on mobile devices (ThinkWithGoogle). Knowing the value of the different keywords at different times – and making sure your campaigns are set up to take advantage of the most profitable moment of the customer journey – is a key step to ensuring you are ready to make the most of the most profitable season of the year.


Mobile for the win

In today’s market, Mobile has to be at the centre of any successful travel campaign. In 2017, 79% of all the people who made a search for travel on a mobile device made a reservation (ThinkWithGoogle), and this year, over two thirds of holiday searchers are calculated to have used their mobile to find their ideal vacation destination. Decisions are made in seconds, and when your audience decides to buy, you need to be wherever they are searching. This means adapting copies to ensure performance on mobile, experimenting with responsive search ads, and including individualized sitelink extensions according to devices – all to boost your results!


Spend a little, make a lot

Increased competition may mean increased keyword bids, but it doesn’t mean you can afford to miss out. Allow for increased CPCs, and make sure you don’t miss out on the benefit from increased conversions. With Spaceboost’s PPC automation management platform, for example, you can use dynamic feeds to link your entire product stock, define an objective global CPA, and increase investment intelligently to make the most of the seasons that will bring in revenue.


Long tail keywords are your friend

When the pressure is on and competition for traffic is fierce, long tail audiences can be profitable and cost-effective niches that will drive the results you need. By precisely targeting specific, highly segmented audiences, you can optimize %CTR, which in turn lowers CPCs, increases Quality Scores, and improves users’ experience.


Personalized audiences, courtesy of Google

Make the most of Google’s toolkit, like In-Market audiences. The newly available tool allows you to find users that are more likely to be searching for your product or service according to their past search and browsing behaviors. The more refined your audiences, the more likely your keywords are to convert!

See how Spaceboost helped vacation rentals comparison site, Apartum, to drive traffic 520%, conversions +840%, spread into over 60 new countries, and become a market leader in the travel sector!


Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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