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Upd Custom - Product Update: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds

Product Update: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds

We are one step closer to the perfect platform to help people advertise online, better! Presenting the latest and greatest Spaceboost feature: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds. This product update will help advertisers across the world to more effectively organize, update, and optimize their online ad spend, so we’re hyped. 

CUSTOM FIELDS - Product Update: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds

Customize your product information to save time and create better ads on Spaceboost


We’ve got two different things we want to explain here:

  • To announce the launch of **Custom Fields**, the latest function to be added to the Spaceboost platform. We’re excited to deliver this new feature; it works well, the benefit for the user is clear, and without doubt it has made our platform a better tool.
  • We want to give you an insight into how we are working to create the best, most valuable tool to allow advertisers from all over the world to start getting the most out of paid search advertising. 


So, What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields allow you to make changes to the information in your Data Feeds to easily edit and update your custom ad campaigns on Spaceboost. 


Imagen Feed 1 - Product Update: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds

This is how your Data Feed currently appears on Spaceboost.


Key Things to Know to Understand Custom Fields

Spaceboost allows you to create comprehensive ad campaigns with ads that combine information about the products you want to advertise. This is possible because the information is separated into different fields, including categories, brand, location, price, URL, and more. All of this is uploaded to our platform in Data Feeds. Here’s our guide to creating and uploading Data Feeds.

Imagen Feed 3 - Product Update: Custom Fields for your Data Feeds

Create better ads with live synced Data Feeds!


With the Custom Fields function, instead of uploading an entirely new feed every time you want to make a change to your ad structure, you can use the information in a Data Feed you already uploaded to Spaceboost to create a new field with the information you need to fill in our ad templates. This means you can make sure the information you have uploaded is appropriate, optimal, and ready for the creation of your ad campaigns. This makes you more agile, adaptable, and quicker when it comes to implementing the optimizations which will mean better results from your investment.

If you want to start using Custom Fields – great! Here’s a link to our step-by-step guide which will explain exactly what you need to do to benefit from this new tool.


We’re Building Something Special

We’re working to make Spaceboost the most valuable, easiest-to-use, best online advertising tool it can be. To do that, we need to be in constant contact with the people we are working to help… that means you! This development is a direct reaction to feedback we received from users already benefiting from our PPC technology. We think it’s a great example of the way in which the journey towards creating the best and most useful business tool is a never-ending collaborative process.

To that end, if you have any suggestions for how we could improve our platform (even more), get in touch. And if you’ve got any other questions about Online Advertising, Spaceboost and what it can do for you, or just want to say hi, send us an email! 

Pablo Molins
PPC Expert and Operations Manager, Spaceboost
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