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Spaceboost product update goals

Product Update: Goals! Goals! Goals!

Another day, another high-value addition to our unstoppable online ad automation platform! Meet Spaceboost Goals, your new best friend (who is determined to help you get better results from your online ad strategy). 

Goals screenshot - Product Update: Goals! Goals! Goals!

There are now four different types of bidding strategies, provided by Google, that you can link to your newly created search ad campaigns.


What’s new?

TL;DR – We have connected the best of Google’s bidding optimization algorithms to Spaceboost. Now when you create a custom ad campaign on our platform, you can choose to assign it one of five different objectives (…or goals) that you want to achieve with that campaign. 

These are the newly available optimization algorithms you can select, provided by our partner, Google:

  • Target CPA
  • Manual CPC
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Maximize Clicks

And one customisable option, powered by Spaceboost

  • Optimized

For a full guide of how to assign one of these new goals to your ad campaigns on Spaceboost, check out our step-by step guides, here. 


I’m intrigued… Tell me more about these Goals 

Bidding Strategy - Product Update: Goals! Goals! Goals!

With the new Goals functionality, you can access the latest in Google-developed technology to boost your ad performance, like, for example – Smart Bidding!


The benefit here is that every time you create a new ad campaign on Spaceboost you have the option to access the latest and greatest algorithms provided by Google and link the one that is most aligned to your objectives to each of your custom campaign structures.

You can set the exact goals you need to achieve with your different ad campaigns for Search, whether that is Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions, or (our personal favourite) Target CPA. It all depends on the type of campaign you want to run and the type of goals you want to achieve.

This is not entirely new; you could already do this on Spaceboost using our own personalizable optimization algorithms – which is still an option, and a good one at that – only now, it is one of five separate options to get the best performance out of your different campaigns.


These aren’t just any goals, they’re Spaceboost Goals

What Machine Learning has done to online advertising is give advertisers the tools to identify and reach significantly larger amounts of people who want what they have to sell. It’s exciting. There is no end to the possibilities a tech-empowered marketer can achieve. The game is to harness this awesome (and constantly developing) power, and direct it as specifically as you can to deliver value for your business. In short, the more specific you can make the objectives you want to achieve, the more precise you can be with your investment, and the greater the return for your business.

Got questions about this new product? Feedback? Declarations of love? We want to hear it: get in touch! 


Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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