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Black Friday Quick Tips

Quick Fixes for Your Black Friday PPC Campaigns

Hey you. Check your calendar: blink and it’ll be November 29th. If you haven’t already prepared your PPC campaigns for Black Friday, it’s time to get ready. Here’s the quickest guide you’ll find to prepare your Black Friday PPC campaigns.

If you’re thinking you maybe still have some time, look at this Google Trends screenshot and know it is time to do something.

Black Friday since 2004 - Quick Fixes for Your Black Friday PPC Campaigns

Worldwide Black Friday Seach Trends since 2004.


Luckily, you’re still just about in time to get ready for the onslaught of high-value traffic.  Here we’ve collated some quick tips (for the time-conscious), and below a link with a full, downloadable checklist (for the meticulous).


Whatever your planned budget is, increase it.

And, if you are not directly in charge of budget on the day itself, build flexibility into your plan. That means not just having a fixed set of established amounts to spend on individual campaigns, or overall during Black Friday, but also the ability to increase specific budgets to cash in on a high-performing adgroup, for example. It’s not a normal day. It’s going to be reactive, and you need to be able to adjust. Set flexibility into your gameplan, or face missing out cashing in on some super high Conversion Rates. 


Add ‘+ Black Friday’ to your keywords.

This is the best kind of tip: a quick fix that is also an essential. Here it is: add ‘+ Black Friday’ to your keywords. Sounds simple, but it’s also the only way to guarantee that you don’t miss out on precisely the most valuable, intent-signalling traffic.


Time is Running Out.

Panic is a powerful motivator. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this guide. Use this natural phenomenon to your advantage: insert a Time Countdown for your individual promotions and reap the CTR rewards. You can even double up on the rapidly approaching deadline feeling by separating Black Friday into separate Black Friday sales. One set ending halfway through the day, and the others ending at midnight. 


Deals. Deals. Black Friday Deals 2019.

Today, and today only, deals trump relevancy. That means that instead of prioritizing relevance above all else – that is relevance between your ad and the landing page, featuring the exact product you are advertising – you can afford, and benefit, from showing searchers alternative deals in your extensions. This is because Black Friday traffic is deal-hungry traffic. As long as they are in a similar category (think Smart TVs and Smart Speakers, Microwaves and Toasters, etc.) add your top performing products (and their discounts) into some Sitelink Extensions, and see those CRs rise.  


Want the full checklist to be fully ready for Black Friday? Download it here.

Carla Tarres
Head of Sales, Spaceboost
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