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Spaceboost NTT Big Data Contest

Spaceboost Shines at NTT DATA’s Open Innovation Contest

Last week, Spaceboost took another step forward on the road to the AI-powered global revolution of digital advertising. From a selection of the leading data-based startups in Barcelona, our big data marketing automation tool was singled out by Everis and NTT Data judges at the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest 9.0 as a solution with the potential to comprehensively transform the digital landscape of the future.

Alongside field sales optimization tech, ForceManager, and growing business travel solution, TravelPerk (eventual winners of the contest), Spaceboost’s pitch was praised by representatives from both global powerhouse NTT Data (and NTT Data Company Everis) as a stand-out  presentation in terms of digital innovation and mid-long term impact potential, due in no small part to the applicability of our big data marketing software across a wide range of verticals.


nttdata spaceboost 1 - Spaceboost Shines at NTT DATA's Open Innovation Contest

The Spaceboost pitching team: Head of Business Development, Carla Tarrés, Head of Product, Roger Fernandez, and CMO and founder, Pablo Callejón.


What is NTT DATA?

With over 120,000 employees, NTT Data is one of Japan’s biggest companies; a global innovator with the power to skyrocket any startup to worldwide dominance. They are committed to using data and identifying the latest, most innovative information technological solutions with the potential to transform society, and partnering them with the businesses that will most benefit from implementing them. This is the impetus that drives the Open Innovation Contest 9.0. It is a key element of their search for the highest-impact startups from around the world, and an essential step to facilitate business partnerships that, together, can build a more efficient, data-enabled society.

To this end, each proposal was assessed in terms of the potential for collaboration with NTT DATA, the potential volume of business that each solution could handle, and the “passion and enthusiasm” of the entrepreneurs behind each solution. As well as representatives from NTT DATA’s Tokyo HQ, representatives from Everis in different areas covering banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, infrastructure, pubic sector, health, and investment all agreed on the high potential of Spaceboost’s platform.

Even to be a part of this contest is a mark of quality. Here is a link to the full list of Barcelona startups that took part in the event.


nttdata spaceboost 3 - Spaceboost Shines at NTT DATA's Open Innovation Contest

Spaceboost recognized as high-potential finalists by Kotaro Zamma, Head of Open Innovation and Business Incubation Section at NTT DATA


The best big data marketing automation tool

This contest is both a global search for the ideal NTT Data partner and an invitation to develop collaborative business partnerships at scale. As well as rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful startups from Barcelona, the contest was an opportunity for Spaceboost to explore potential business synergies with some of the world’s leading data management professionals, and to test our solution at the highest level. 

There is an entire world of online business to automate and optimize, and we are committed to creating the best digital marketing software there is. This approval from NTT DATA and Everis is another step towards our vision: to lead the use and knowledge of digital advertising technologies. We empower people to automate digital advertising in an easy, effective and scalable way.

We’ve been the hidden technology behind the success of some of Europe’s fastest growing companies and agencies over the past four years: Spaceboost is set to manage +€90M in yearly ad spend, and we’re just getting started. Want to find out more about our award-winning, big data leveraging PPC automation platform? Get in touch! 

Johnny Crisp
Content Manager, Spaceboost
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