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Spaceboost PrestaShop Module

Spaceboost Launches a PrestaShop Module!

The good news just keeps on coming: the Spaceboost PrestaShop module is here! This is massive. It means Spaceboost’s game-changing PPC ad automation technology is now available, preinstalled, to each and every vendor currently selling products on one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world.

Thanks to our official partnership with PrestaShop, 250,000 ecommerce owners worldwide will now be able to use our advertising automation technology to spread their reach like marketing pros and find their ideal customers using a customized version of the world’s leading PPC management platform, for free! 


Download the Spaceboost ad automation PrestaShop module!


Free, effective ad automation PrestaShop module!


With the new Spaceboost module, every PrestaShop page owner can use a custom version of our PPC ad management platform to find the perfect audience for their products, drive high-value traffic to their ecommerce, and boost results in little time! And, if you create or link a new Google Ads account, Google and Spaceboost will reimburse up to €120 of your ad investment! Get in touch to see if your account is applicable.


PrestaShop users who take advantage of the Spaceboost module will be able to easily:

  • Synchronize their product catalog to our ad automation platform.
  • Choose what they want to advertise.
  • Create hundreds of optimized ads in minutes and scale their business in a much more efficient way.
  • Up to €120 of your investment reimbursed (if applicable).
my catalog - Spaceboost Launches a PrestaShop Module!

The Spaceboost module automatically links to your Prestashop catalog, allowing users to automatically create optimal ads for every product they want to advertise.


Spaceboost: the best PrestaShop module


It’s a perfect match. Anyone with a PrestaShop page already has their product catalog uploaded to the site. When they make the (excellent) decision to add Spaceboost to their digital strategy, we’ll automatically detect which products they’ve got to sell. Then we let them choose which items they want to advertise, and how much they want to spend. We even provide a selection of ad templates based on our market research, data mining, and machine learning, which they can use and monitor the results of their new supercharged ad strategy as it performs, in real time.

my ad templates - Spaceboost Launches a PrestaShop Module!

Select the ideal ad template for your business on PrestaShop.


Increase PrestaShop sales with Google Ads automation


Based on this information, our data algorithms go to work, using our automation and optimization technology to drive significantly higher amounts of intelligently segmented traffic towards their products. The final result? We are connecting small online business owners with the customers they dreamed of when they first started their business. Want to see how this plays out in the world of Ecommerce? Here’s a testimonial from a Barcelona-based bikini-making company, Robin Collection!



Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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