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How Robin Collection Increased Ecommerce Sales +80%

Robin Collection is a Barcelona-based swimwear brand, founded by Barcelona-born siblings Alejandra and Manuel Meler Pla in a bid to fulfill their creative instincts. Here they explain how they used Spaceboost’s automation technology to supercharge their marketing strategy, become an international fashion brand and increase their ecommerce sales by 80% in just one year, without being distracted from their main goal: making bikinis.



Robin Collection: a Growing Ecommerce

The rise of E-commerce has changed the way business is done around the world. Like a lot of young, independent sellers, Robin Collection is a small, tight-knit team who keep close control over their products: they know what their customers want, and they are the best at delivering it. They don’t have a huge marketing team, but, with Spaceboost, that doesn’t mean thay can’t drive excellent results.

“Robin Collection is freedom, freshness, and good vibes… We don’t have a specialist marketing team; we’re specialists in swimwear.” Alejandra Meler, Robin Collection co-founder


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Robin Collection bikinis advertised with Spaceboost’s ad automation technology!


How to scale an Ecommerce

With Spaceboost’s easy-to-use ecommerce App, they were able to drive results that would make most ad agencies jump for joy. Without distracting from their main focus – designing and making great, high-quality swimwear – they were able to expand their reach, delivering all of their catalogue full of amazing products to many more clients, both in Spain and internationally, and all without increasing their CPA.

“We were able to very quickly spread all our catalogue of amazing products across search and shopping. We are very happy to recommend this tool to any business that wants to grow!” Manuel Meler, Robin Collection co-founder


Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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