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Top Doctors Spaceboost Testimonial

Spaceboost Testimonial: Top Doctors

A year ago, Top Doctors had a problem: they were scaling at speed, but there was no way they could manage the complexity of their online marketing strategy manually. By switching their paid campaigns to Spaceboost’s PPC Automation technology, they were able to make a massive and hyper-segmented campaign architecture with specific settings and custom algorithms for all the different parts of their structure, driving clicks up 147%, CPL down 18%, and tripling their revenue in just a year.


Worldwide healthcare with PPC Automation tech

Top Doctors is a global company with serious ambitions: to provide patients across the globe with access to the very best healthcare available, whenever and wherever they need it. They want to democratize access to healthcare across the world, connecting over 10 million visitors to over 60,000 doctors in eight different countries.

With Spaceboost they were able to quickly create and easily manage massive and complex PPC campaign architectures including a wide range of combinations (from doctors, to specialties, treatments, and locations), all of them focussed on performance.

“We had an agency that managed all our Adwords campaigns, but we quickly realised that we had to change because it is not possible to manage such a big amount of data manually.”

– Omar Cabeza Eckerdt, Online Marketing Manager EU


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Top Doctors are revolutionizing the way patients access high quality healthcare


Big data, smart advertising

That’s a lot of data. Fortunately for them, with Spaceboost’s custom algorithms they were able to optimize 8,000 keywords and 5,000 ads daily, increasing impressions by over 150%, dropping their CPC by 33% and reaching 500,000 appointments made in the first year of switching to Spaceboost’s technology platform.

As healthcare systems struggle to deliver quality care the world over, Top Doctors is taking off. As they expanded, they needed to quickly increase the number of registrations they were generating within a specific CPL. Without the right technology, it was impossible for them to reach the entirety of their potential audience while maintaining their profit margins. Now Top Doctors has become the reference platform in the world for medical personnel in the private sector.

“Spaceboost is the new way to create digital campaigns. Once the structure was in place, everything was dynamic, automatic, and easy to manage”.

– Omar Cabeza Eckerdt, Online Marketing Manager EU

Pablo Molins
PPC Expert and Operations Manager, Spaceboost
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