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Spaceboost x Apartum: 700% growth with automated PPC campaign structures

How Spaceboost’s massive, optimized campaign structures drove a vacation rental site’s traffic by 520%, conversion rate by 840%, and revenue by over 700%. Back in 2015, Apartum were working with just one Google Adwords account. By trusting in Spaceboost’s automation and optimization technology they were able to amplify their campaign across over 60 markets, and optimize 48 million keywords linked to over 50,000 landing pages daily.

Spaceboost CardsData - Spaceboost x Apartum: 700% growth with automated PPC campaign structures

Data comparing 2015 to 2017


Spaceboost’s technology is delivering rapid, intelligent, and massive growth. Imagine if, instead of manually managing your PPC strategy, checking in every few hours to make sure you’re not throwing away your advertising budget, you could use your business intelligence to quickly create massive campaign structures, drive much more data, and automate and constantly optimize your advertising strategy based on the real time results.


eunice stahl 572017 unsplash - Spaceboost x Apartum: 700% growth with automated PPC campaign structures

“It’s a perfect example of the possibilities of linking your stock to your Google AdWords campaigns. Now they can optimise every single one of those campaigns, daily, and drive extremely large amounts of data. How could you handle a keyword structure with several million keywords without technology? It simply wouldn’t be possible.”

– Gerard Raventós, Account Manager



In 2015, when Apartum partnered with Spaceboost (link in Spanish), they had lots of potential for growth, but they were held back by some specific needs. They had to maintain precise control of their CPA and they did not have a bottomless advertising budget to waste while they established a profitable strategy. Their investment had to be targeted, optimal, and controlled from the start.


The Spaceboost x Apartum strategy


Develop a long tail strategy: Drive significant amounts more data to allow the same budget to reach a long tail audience, increasing traffic by targeting low traffic niches with low costs, high scalability, and high conversion rates.

Calculate their optimal CPA: Use business data to develop a custom ROI/CPA model that can be updated on a daily basis.

Construct a large-scale PPC campaign structure: Create massive campaigns, composed of millions of niche segments using the updated CPA goals to define the optimal performance of each individual keyword.

Automate and optimize in real-time: Use our optimization technology to react to huge amounts of data, automatically optimizing millions of keywords across 60 markets, all in real-time.


“The optimization is so specific. With our algorithms, we can get to the point where we can optimise millions of keywords per day, precisely matched to the exact CPC that Apartum needs for each landing page. It’s pretty cool.”

– Gerard Raventós, Account Manager


Better PPC Results


Apartum set Spaceboost a target of significantly increasing their traffic while maintaining ROI. Thanks to the continuous growth allowed by our automation and optimization technology, we achieved it, and are on the way to still more growth in 2018.

Spaceboost Travel CS - Spaceboost x Apartum: 700% growth with automated PPC campaign structures

By creating a tailored CPA/ROI model, the client was able to vastly increase their advertising investment, without sacrificing the growth of their ROI.

Spaceboost Travel CS 2 - Spaceboost x Apartum: 700% growth with automated PPC campaign structures

“There are huge companies or huge brands that don’t really care how much they pay for their traffic, but then there are other companies who really need to look at how much they’re spending. This case showed how Spaceboost can help a client or website that is looking to gain a lot of traffic, but that needs to be very precise when it comes to how much they pay for that traffic.”

– Gerard Raventós, Account Manager


About Apartum


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Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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