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Spaceboost's Madrid Ad Automation Event

The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

Last week, we defined the future. In Madrid, Spaceboost hosted a round table discussion at which some of the biggest companies in the digital marketing sector came together to ask and answer an equally big pair of questions: what has AI and ad automation done to online advertising, and what does the future hold for digital business?

Spaceboost gathered together companies ranging from household names at a global scale to those on the way to joining them. Among others, representatives from Google, Mercedes-Benz, Wallapop, Adglow, Elogia, Havas Digital, Logitravel, Fever!, Cloudera, JEVNET, and RocketROI gathered in Madrid’s Impact Hub, Gobernador to discuss a central theme: how automation technology is changing the way advertisers are changing the way they create value online.


MAdrid d d - The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

Juan Dominguez, CEO & Founder, Adglow, Toni Raurich Head of Growth, Wallapop, Benito Jiménez, Marketing Director Spain, Mercedes Benz, Rubén Ferreiro, CEO, Viko Group


How does AI improve online marketing?

It is rare to be able to answer a question without missing a perspective. That is why it was such a privilege to gather such a extensive and highly experienced selection of representatives from today’s digital ad industry. We already know that Machine Learning technology has impacted and changed the way advertisers are creating value from their ad spend. Our goal with this event was to locate, identify, and expand upon all the ways in which the new wave of Machine Learning-empowered marketing tools have changed the reality of online advertising, according to the different perspectives living this change from the front line: agencies, advertisers, enterprises.


Quote Logitravel - The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

The event was divided into different segments, from Business Growth, to Advertisers, and Agencies. In each section, clear examples of different environments in which each one of the presenters specialize were delivered, and individual insights (see Sergio Martínez de Cestafe. CMO at Logitravel, above) were gathered together into an overall picture of the new state of digital advertising.


How Machine Learning adtech transformed the agency

Spaceboost Ad Automation Era 8 - The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

Spaceboost’s Head of Business Development, Carla Tarrés, discusses the future of online advertising for agencies with JEVNET CEO, Jordi Esquerigüela, and RocketROI’s COO, Armand Solé.


One of the overlapping perspectives that was repeated throughout the event was the possibilities that automation technology opens up for advertisers in terms of time, creativity, and strategic value. As JEVNET CEO, Jordi Esquerigüela, offered: “When automation truly becomes a part of your ad agency, you free up more time to dedicate to strategy, analysis, and closer relationships with your clients.”


How to scale a business with ad automation technology

Spaceboost Ad Automation Era 12 - The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

Javier Macias, Head of Acquisition, Fever! and Sergio Martinez de Cestafe, CMO at Logitravel.


Two clear case studies of outstanding digital growth delivered by two of the quickest growing digital companies in the sector: Fever! and Logitravel.


Discussing the future of online advertising

Spaceboost Ad Automation Era 25 - The Ad Automation Era Touches Down in Madrid

AI-fuelled networking drinks after the main presentations.


For a deep dive into the different ways in which ad automation technology is redefining the way in which advertisers, businesses, and enterprise companies are reaching their customers, read Spaceboost founder and CEO, Nacho Rodés’s long-read on AI and the Future of Online Advertising in 2019. 

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Maria Donadeu
Head of SAAS Acquisition, Spaceboost.
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