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Three Reasons Not to be Afraid of PPC Automation

Despite the overwhelming evidence about the game-changing business potential of machine learning, there are a few persistent myths about PPC automation that prevent some advertisers from embracing the full potential of this technology. We imagine you’ve heard them. As tends to be the case with myths, these fears can be dispelled with a simple explanation of exactly how PPC automation works.

Spaceboost’s PPC automation platform – and automation in general – is not about taking jobs away from humans. It is about freeing up people from repetitive, low-value tasks, and allowing them to focus on strategy, reaching a wider audience, spending their time more effectively, and driving more growth.


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Spaceboost’s automation process in action


What is PPC Automation?

PPC Automation refers to the incorporation of technology to automatically carry out certain tasks in pay-per-click ad campaigns. This can range from finding more keywords, creating and testing ads, and making machine-learning powered bid optimizations.

Here is a breakdown of three main, manual and time-consuming tasks that Spaceboost’s PPC automation and optimization platform can take off your hands:


Keyword Bidding Strategy

The way that Spaceboost manages your keyword bids is quite simply not achievable manually. This is because, for every auction, our algorithms calculate the bid that, according to the performance of each keyword, will provide the optimal performance which will drive each ad towards achieving its objective CPA.

You can set an objective CPA for different levels: keyword by keyword, product by product, or even an overall target ROI for your campaign. Not only does this mean you will save significant amounts of time babysitting and A/B testing all the ads in your campaigns, but it will also improve their performance beyond the capacities of any human, using much more data and reacting to tiny market fluctuations to drive higher Quality Scores, CTR, quality traffic, and ROI.


Search Structure Creation

Spaceboost’s Structure Generator is one of the key drivers behind the success of our methodology. Using your product information, this tool can create massive dynamic automated architectures separated into different levels: campaigns, keywords, adwords, and ads. It works by inserting interchangeable values in custom ad templates that you create with the different product information that you enter once into a file that is uploaded to our platform.

So, instead of manually creating, A/B testing, and monitoring new ads every time you have a new product or campaign to run, our structure creator can very quickly create thousands of ads, ranging from the generic to the extremely long tail, including different combinations of the various product information – such as ad copies, price, and location – which can then be automatically distributed, tested, and optimized.


Product Activation and Pausing

For advertisers with a constantly changing product inventory, this is a godsend. With Spaceboost, you can upload a dynamic data feed to our platform, synchronizing your product catalogue to our PPC management tool. Once you have completed that one simple task, the benefits of automation kick in. 

Your feed will automatically update itself every day, checking on product availabilty in real time. If a product is not available, the platform will instantly pause all the ads for it. And, as soon as it becomes available again, the same ads will enter rotation once again. It sounds simple, but ask any large ecommerce how much time (and money) they waste advertising unavailable products – it is no laughing matter.

Check how this Home Decor company used Spaceboost’s automation platform to increase sales 3,000% and revenue over 200% in just two years.


Pablo Molins
PPC Expert and Operations Manager, Spaceboost
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