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“We Now Have a LOT of Ads,” Dominique André Arndt, Founder of PlatinLeads

Spaceboost is taking over Germany! We talked to Dominique André Arndt, the founder of PlatinLeads, a Hannover-based online ad agency on the rise, about what it took to incorporate online ad automation into his strategy, start creating hundreds of thousands of keywords, and expand campaigns to new cities at the click of a button.

Get more ads than you could have dreamed of creating manually, automatically created for you.


Who is PlatinLeads?


Dominique André Arndt: PlatinLeads is an ad agency located in Hannover, Lower Saxony, in Germany. We are currently small but now we are in the process of getting bigger with some new and different clients. We are focussed on using Facebook and Google Ads.


Tell us about your experience with Spaceboost so far.


DAA: We are currently using Spaceboost especially for one client, a locksmith here in Germany, who wanted to increase their marketing activities in a much bigger way. What they wanted to do was initially set up a test in one city and, if that works, expand that into the whole of Germany.


We are using the tool to increase the possibilities available to us as an online agency. Specifically in this case, we want to make it easier to automate creating new ads for this locksmith. Once I saw how easy it was to duplicate the campaign structure, I also used it for two other clients. It’s very adaptable.


What was the problem you had before finding Spaceboost?


DAA: The problem was that it is a lot of work to create a new campaign for every separate city. We looked at the case and I said: “We need a tool that can create this for us.” That’s when I found Spaceboost.


I’m always looking for ways to decrease our workload without reducing quality. Often that means finding processes to automate, while still keeping control. For us, the area we could save time in was the manual creation of campaigns.


Is this the first tool you’ve used for your online ad strategy?


DAA: Yes. I’ve been using Google Ads for around 6 years now. So I know a lot about it, but in the past it was not really necessary to use an automation tool. Now that it’s really easy to use, it’s obvious this is going to be an essential part of the online ad process. We will use it more in the future, absolutely.


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How did you find getting started with Spaceboost?


DAA: It was pretty easy. The onboarding process was really fast – each week we had some milestones to get ourselves set up, when we had a small issue with the backend of the tool, it was resolved very quickly. The tool was really easy to use in this case – in a couple of weeks we had our campaigns up and running. After the initial learning process, now we are able to set up new and significantly bigger campaigns in just 1 or 2 days, which is really fast.


What does your strategy look like now?


DAA: We have a lot of campaigns, a lot of adgroups, and really a lot of ads. We made 34 campaigns – and we have 163,000 Adgroups, and we have … a lot of keywords: 323,000 keywords in there. I guess that would have been impossible to create manually in this case. And that’s just for one client, and four or five cities. It’s really quite crazy.


We tried one city which didn’t work out – that was for a strategic reason, it had nothing to do with the tool – so we just made another campaign and changed city! Then we saw some really pretty good results. We hit some very good Quality Scores, which brought us lower CPCs, and, because we had such a large campaign, these benefits really made a difference.


How will this change the way you advertise?


DAA: I feel this will change the way we work as an agency in the future. Our goal is to automate the specific processes in our strategy so that we can automatically replicate what we do, and use it to scale. Even just the set up – when we figure out what works, we can just copy that and add another city, just like that! And we have several different clients and different cities…


If that works – and I don’t see why it won’t – this is going to be really awesome.


This is possibly going to help us for a client who does kitchen remodelling, another one in the car industry… Essentially, anything which is possible to make in each different city, this tool is going to change the way we work. Now we’re going to find other clients who we know this will work for, show them what we can do, and do it!


Is this going to change who PlatinLeads is?


DAA: It brings us a lot more possibilities in here and a big advantage over other agencies. We are simply faster at replicating strategies… faster and better in bidding especially. That is where I see the future with this tool. We could also take on more clients because, of course, we’ll be working faster and with more automation processes built into our day to day. We’ve got big plans for the future, and automation is definitely going to help us get there!


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