Spaceboost Success Stories

RocketROI Case Study


300% Annual Growth

Spain’s #1 digital marketing agency on how Spaceboost helped them become a global partner agency for Google, Facebook, and Bing, managing over €50m in EMEA and LATAM.

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Revenue +700%

Back in 2015, Apartum were working with just one Google Adwords account. With Spaceboost they amplified their campaign across over 60 markets, and optimized 48 million keywords linked to over 50,000 landing pages daily.

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Agency Case Study


ROI +340%

JEVNET was the first agency to trust in Spaceboost’s automation technology, and it paid. Read how they swiftly gained 75 new clients – invoicing larger amounts – by specializing in Adwords, achieving eye-watering results for their existing clients, and attracting new ones to JEVNET in the process.

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Sales +80%

With Spaceboost, Robin Collection were able to drive a successful international expansion without increasing their CPA, and without distracting from their main focus – designing and making great, high-quality swimwear.

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