Events Discovery & Automation:
a match made in the stars.

Before finding Spaceboost, Fever were only able to create generic ads for their events, or a limited number of specific ads due to the demands of manually managing their campaigns. Then everything changed.

Turning extreme complexity into a competitive advantage.

Fever is present in 12 cities, from Madrid to New York and London, with a constantly changing product catalog of events for each city. Where many marketing teams would have waved a white flag, Fever made it work for them.





See what Javier Macias has to say about working with us.

“ Our team is able to provide much more value because now they have time to step back from the operational task, see the big picture and think about new ways to deliver better results. ”


Fever is rising.

By integrating their data onto the Spaceboost management platform, they could have their entire product catalog constantly synchronized to create ad structures filled with personalized and up-to-date ads for each of the events they wanted to advertise, at all times.


After a year of automation, Fever went from making 7,000 (manual) monthly updates to their campaigns to over 100,000 updates every month in less time than before, thanks to dynamic data feeds.


Instead of fighting it out for high-cost generic keywords, Fever hit the long tail for each and every event, getting higher Quality Scores, lower CPCs and, naturally, increased ROI across the board.

Want to grow like Fever?

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