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With a global market of 9% and 12 billion monthly searches worldwide, Bing Ads’ Search audience, integrate Bing Ads campaigns onto Spaceboost’s state-of-the-art PPC management platform, and see results!

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Bings Ads Search: the gateway to your customers

Create Bing Ads Search campaigns to make sure you are there in your ideal customers’ moments of need.

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Bing Ads Search
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Make Bing Ads work for you

Create thousands of campaigns, Adgroups, ads, and keywords at the speed of light. Divide, classify, and target your ideal audiences and boost Quality Scores to achieve the highest profitability for your investment.

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Never lose track of your ad spend

Create, manage, and optimize all your Bing Ads Search campaigns in a single place: Spaceboost’s intuitive, powerful, and state-of-the-art PPC management platform.

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“In Spaceboost, we work with advertising as if it were the sum of millions of financial micro-markets.”

Eduard Fumàs, Spaceboost CTO

Search your way to success.

Spaceboost’s PPC management software takes Bing Ads’
capabilities and turns it into a super charged tool custom-designed for your business’s needs.