The perfect channel for your Google Shopping campaigns

Take control of all your Shopping Campaigns, sync your product catalogue, and make sure the ads you are paying for reflect the available items on your website.

Start now and upgrade as you grow.

Manage, automate, and sell

With Spaceboost’s PPC management software, expand into new and profitable markets, and show prices, availability, and promotions to the people who want to see it.

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Spread the word with our PPC Structure Generator

Build and automate massive, intelligent SEM campaigns. Sync, organize, and subdivide your entire product catalogue into different classifications, set priorities for each product, and automatically bid for each of them directly.

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Sell it smart with our Shopping Splitter and Refresher tool

Automate the segmentation of your product catalogue by availability, performance, and seasonal need. Don’t advertise products that you can’t sell, and prioritize those that will, at the right time.

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Stay on top of your stock with our Optimizer

Assign a specific goal to each product. Our algorithms will optimize campaigns on a daily basis, product by product, updating towards the established goal in real-time.

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“With Spaceboost, Shopping is the perfect channel to drive growth for ecommerce. If your ads are aligned with the state of your product catalogue, it allows you to scale quickly and intelligently.”

Armand Solé, RocketROI COO

Advertise better and sell more with Google Shopping

Organize, promote, and sell your stock to a much wider audience, in a more effective way with Spaceboost’s PPC management software.