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With Spaceboost’s PPC management software, Ecommerce owners of all sizes can increase sales, reach new customers, and grow their business in a more efficient way.

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Looking to scale your Ecommerce?

Take advantage of the latest marketing automation technology to increase your reach without spending more than you want for each sale. Generate huge, optimized, and hypersegmented campaign structures and automatically update your ads according to your product availability in real-time.


Design furniture sold with PPC Management Software

Drive international expansion with PPC automation!

The results speak for themselves. With Spaceboost, a Barcelona-based design furniture company went from local player to international superstar thanks to our PPC management software. Like the sound of +3,000% more sales in just two years?

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Robin collection

“We were able to very quickly spread all our catalogue of amazing products across Search and Shopping campaigns. We are very happy to recommend this tool to any business that wants to grow!”

Manuel Meler, Robin Collection co-founder, on using PrestaShop module


Massive campaigns for Search and Shopping

Create massive Search and Shopping campaigns with the Spaceboost Structure Generator, using our PPC management software to handle precise optimization strategies for large volumes of campaigns, Adgroups, and keywords.

Automate your Ecommerce
Partner Official PrestaShop

Official PrestaShop partner for Google Ads management

PrestaShop module

Get the PrestaShop module, increase sales, and reach new customers

Got PrestaShop? Our module for Google Ads automation is pre-installed on your PrestaShop homepage. Once it’s set up, in a matter of minutes you can create thousands of made-to-measure ads, each designed to help you use the budget you have to grow your online business. Zero expertise, professional marketing strategy.

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Grow your Ecommerce

Revolutionize the way you reach, engage, and delight your customers. Dynamically link your product
catalogue to our automation and optimization technology to Spaceboost your business.