General Conditions

1. General Conditions for Software as a Service Customers (SaaS)

Please read these Spaceboost terms of service (“agreement”) carefully before using the services offered by Spaceboost. By clicking the “agree”, “start my free trial” or “submit” (or similar) button on an online order form or other online purchase form on the services (an “order form”) or by using the services in any manner, you (“customer”) agree that you have read and agree to be bound by and a party to these terms of service to the exclusion of all other terms. You represent and warrant that you have the authority to enter into this agreement; if you are entering into this agreement on behalf of an organization or entity, references to “customers” and “you” in this agreement, except this sentence, refer to that organization or entity. If a separate signed written agreement with respect to the services exists between customer and Spaceboost, the terms of that signed written agreement (excluding the pre-printed terms of any purchase order, confirmation or similar document, which will have no effect and will not be considered agreed to by Spaceboost shall take precedence over these terms of services, and you acknowledge that customer is bound by the terms of that signed written services agreement.

1.1. Levels of access: The conditions of access and functionalities available for a client are linked to the type of account contracted at the time of the user’s registration. Spaceboost reserves the right to change at any time the current rates and access leveles.

1.2. Service Level agreement (SLA): Questions or issues should be resolved by consulting our knowledge base or by writing to The answer of any incident is linked to the type of account that the client has contracted.

Customer service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Europe time

Customers will have access to guides, such as wizards, tutorials, webinars and Knowledge Base information articles in order to better understand the Spaceboost technology and how to use it which may vary according to the level of access contracted.

Spaceboost reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any event, webinar or scheduled call.

Spaceboost reserves the right to suspend Customer’s access to the Services: (i) for scheduled or emergency maintenance, or (ii) in the event Customer is in breach of this Agreement, including failure to pay any amounts due to Spaceboost. Subject to the terms hereof, Spaceboost will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the support services applicable to the Services tier purchased by Customer, from Monday through Friday during Spaceboost’s normal business hours, Central Europe time.

1.3. Payment Methods: In order to have access to the Spaceboost technology and the correct operation of the processes, the customer needs a valid credit / debit card. The insertion in our DB of a method of payment implicitly authorizes Spaceboost to carry out the contracted position. Spaceboost uses a secure and well-established credit card payment gateway service to process your payment.

In case of a refund or other problems when making a charge on the credit card, the company will be responsible for paying the charges incurred.

The user will have free access to the information published in Spaceboost.

1.4. Rates: Spaceboost will apply the following rates depending on the company’s monthly investment linked to Spaceboost. All the details of Spaceboost’s pricing plan can be found on our website – in the section labelled ‘Pricing.’

2. Services Updates:

The Services are subject to modification (including, without limitation, to provide new features, implement new protocols, maintain compatibility with emerging standards or comply with regulatory requirements) from time to time at Spaceboost’s sole discretion, provided that such modifications do not result in a material degradation of the Services. For clarity, from time to time, Spaceboost may provide upgrades, patches, enhancements, or fixes for the Services to its customers generally without additional charge (“Updates”), and such Updates will become part of the Services and subject to this Agreement; provided that Spaceboost shall have no obligation under this Agreement or otherwise to provide any such Updates.

3. User profile and personal data:

The user will have free access to the information published in Spaceboost. The user will be responsible for the accuracy and veracity of their personal data provided in the registration of forms of Spaceboost, as well as of future modifications, having to inform Spaceboost of the changes made and updating them.

The user will be solely responsible for the user name and password of the account. The user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided in the sign up and for future modifications, and must inform of such changes and update them.

The user is responsible of the confidentiality of his username and password and its use. In the hypothetical case of detecting unauthorized use of this data, you must inform Spaceboost immediately of the situation.

4. User obligations:

The user is responsible for the content that he can contribute using either texts, links, opinions, numerical parameters, comments, etc. The user will have all rights to the publication of these contents in the Spaceboost website.

The publication of contents will not be allowed as:
• Foreign and non-consensual advertising with Spaceboost
• Irrelevant content
• Comments not related to the publishing framework
• Pornographic, erotic or obscene content
• Content that violates the rights of third parties, including expressly the copyright and the protection of data of third parties
• Content that implies a breach of any legislation, including defamatory, vexatious, homophobic or racist content towards any person, whether legal or physical.
• Questionnaires or chain letters whose purpose is to collect personal data of users, in particular for commercial purposes

The user will be responsible for::
• Do not open more than one user account, even when giving different e-mails
• Do not use programs or functions that automate the functions of generating content or visiting pages
• In case of violation of the general terms and conditions of use Spaceboost reserves the right to delete user accounts without giving any explanation.

The user is responsible for all activity occurring under your User accounts and shall abide by all applicable local, state, national and foreign laws, treaties and regulations in connection with your use of the Service, including those related to data privacy, international communications and the transmission of technical or personal data.

You shall: (i) notify Spaceboost immediately of any unauthorized use of any password or account or any other known or suspected breach of security;

(ii) report to Spaceboost immediately and use best efforts to stop immediately any copying or distribution of Spaceboost Content that is known or suspected by you or your Users;

(iii) not impersonate another Spacboost user or provide false identity information to gain access to or use the Service;

(iv) not use the Service to defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal right of others;

(v) not publish, post, upload, email, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, misleading, infringing or unlawful content

(vi) not collect, store or transmit personal information about individuals or any information that is subject to applicable privacy laws or regulations.

You are solely responsible for all text, logos and images (“Customer Content”), all advertisements and any web site reachable from the advertisements generated using the Service.

You hereby represent, warrant and covenant to Spaceboost and its third party suppliers that (i) any Customer Content you provide is and shall be accurate, complete and current, (ii) you have all necessary rights and are fully authorized to publish the Customer Content and create or have created advertisements, and (iii) all Customer Content complies with the requirements set forth by Google, Microsoft and Facebook on their respective websites with respect to the Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Facebook Ads programs, as the case may be, including the trademark policies, editorial guidelines and creative limitations posted therein, and including such other websites and programs as may be included in the Service from time to time. You hereby authorize Spaceboost to allow such Customer Content and advertisements to be published throughout the network of advertising channels operated by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and any other company network included in the Service from time to time, and their network of participating websites and other distribution outlets. You further represent, warrant and covenant to Spaceboost and its suppliers that (a) at all times you shall comply with all applicable law, (b) you will not generate, or encourage others to generate, automated or fraudulent impressions or clicks of advertisements on any Google, Microsoft, Facebook or other advertising network, (c) you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining accounts for use of the Google AdWords program, Microsoft adCenter program, Facebook Ads program and any other applicable program (collectively, “Advertising Platforms”), (d) your use of the Advertising Platforms is not for personal, family or household purposes, and (e) your advertisements do not and will not advertise illegal activity or constitute illegal or fraudulent business practices in the jurisdiction in which the advertisements are displayed.

Further, you acknowledge and agree that Microsoft, Google, Facebook and/or any other search engine company included in the Service may, in its sole discretion, (i) edit your Customer Content for size and fit purposes, (ii) label any advertisement as a “sponsored site,” “advertisement” or similar designation for clarification purposes, (iii) create advertisements based upon the Customer Content and other specifications provided by Spaceboost through the applicable API, and (iv) create, delete, modify and optimize your account.

Spaceboost does not own any Customer Content or advertisements provided by you hereunder, provided that you hereby grant Spaceboost a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, create derivative works of, distribute, perform, transmit and publish your Customer Content and advertisements for the sole purpose of providing you with the Service.

You are solely responsible for all URLs required or used by you in connection with the Service. Any URL that includes or incorporates any variation of the name Spaceboost (a “Spaceboost URL”) shall (i) be owned by Spaceboost, (ii) require the consent of Spaceboost prior to your use, and (iii) only be used by you during the Term of this Agreement. Any URL used by you in connection with the Service that does not include or incorporate the name Spaceboost shall be owned by you. For the avoidance of doubt, you are solely responsible for all Customer Content provided or published by you in connection with the Service under any URL (including any Spaceboost URL).

The systems used by Spaceboost to provide a Service are confidential, including but not limited to the computer hardware and software the Service runs on. Any system for a Service provided by Spaceboost shall not be analyzed, decompiled, or reverse engineered, nor should you cause a third party to analyze, decompile, or reverse engineer the same for any purpose.

5. Spaceboost is not responsible:

The user disclaims any responsability to Spaceboost against any third party claims generated by the content or advertising management decisions made by the user or by Spaceboost. Spaceboost reserves the right of legal defense against such possible claims.

The user will support Spaceboost in the fulfillment of said claims, in particular providing all the necessary information for its legal defense.

The user will be responsible for the refund of damages to Spaceboost for claims of third parties resolved favorably. This includes legal costs.

6. Content Playback:

Spaceboost users contribute texts and content in the way that each one knows, not being Spaceboost nor the user responsible for the quality, credibility or accuracy of the data freely provided by the user to Spaceboost.

Readers and users use Spaceboost content at their own risk and interpretation, in particular for the choice of accommodation, travel or other services based on the content of Spaceboost. The content generated and published by users does not represent the opinion of Spaceboost, and Spaceboost does not adopt this content as its own.

The information and contents of Spaceboost are legally protected. Reproduction, especially for commercial or advertising use, is only allowed after approval of Spaceboost. The permit can be requested in a particular way.

7. Content guarantee:

Spaceboost users contribute texts and content in the way that each one knows, not being Spaceboost nor the user responsible for the quality, credibility or accuracy of the data freely provided by the user to Spaceboost.

Readers and users use Spaceboost content at their own risk and interpretation, in particular for the choice of accommodation, travel or other services based on the content of Spaceboost. The content generated and published by users does not represent the opinion of Spaceboost, and Spaceboost does not adopt this content as its own.

Spaceboost is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this editorial content. This will never apply in case the content is violated of rights of third parties, in which case the legal responsibility will not be altered.

8. Technical responsibility:

Spaceboost shall not be liable for technical errors whose cause is not the direct responsibility of Spaceboost.

Spaceboost will not assume any guarantee of the continuous availability of data and may choose to remain in a state of time not available for technical and maintenance work.

9. Advance notice and cancellation:

Spaceboost reserves the right to cancel a user’s access if decides that its presence may impair the stability of the website. In case of termination of a user, Spaceboost will be able to continue making use of the content that he himself added during his stay in Spaceboost as a user.

10. General condition changes:

Registered users will receive the changes made in the general conditions by email. Users can download the general conditions of Spaceboost as well as print them on their computer.

11. Law and jurisdiction:

The user accepts at all times the use and application of the law in force under the Spanish legislation

The area of jurisdiction of Spaceboost is Spain and any litigation of a legal-administrative nature will be resolved in the courts of Barcelona, Spain.

The user agrees to be in compliance with these general conditions for the use and enjoyment of the services offered by Spaceboost and its website

12. Confidentiality:

During the contracted service period, as well as indefinitely after the end of the service contract, both parties undertake not to disclose to third parties any information that is considered confidential and which they have had access for the needs of the this contract.

Also, during this period, both parties undertake to maintain independently and under professional secrecy how many accesses to relevant information are necessary, including access to the management of the mentioned advertising channels.

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