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With Spaceboost’s multichannel platform, you can manage the automation and optimization of your PPC advertising investment on Google, Amazon, and Bing with a single, intuitive tool.

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Multichannel Management

Multichannel Management

The end of tracking your Paid Media campaigns on different screens and tabs has finally come. With Spaceboost’s multichannel technology, you can manage and automate all your SEM campaigns from a single platform.

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Faster Management

Save time managing all your Search & Shopping campaigns from a single desktop application. Automate everything, from creating a campaign to editing or pausing it, as well as managing your bids to the expected performance. With Spaceboost, you can make powerful changes at all levels and channels with a few clicks of the mouse. Replace destination URLs or target CPAs for thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes.

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“We’ve doubled our customer sales by reducing Cost Per Acquisition by half, all in the first month. Unbelievable.”

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