PPC Optimization: Automate Your Daily PPC Bid Settings

Customize your campaigns towards an ideal objective ROI/CPA/CPL, and automatically adapt your PPC bid strategy towards the best financial results on a daily basis.

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Keywords are traded markets

Not all traffic is worth the same. Spaceboost allows you to pay the exact price for the specific value of each keyword. Scale your campaigns without limit by unbundling keywords, ads and targets. Big data means better results.

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“ROI Search and Spaceboost have increased Allianz´s lead generation x20 by reducing direct costs -80%. An unprecedented improvement in the industry.”


Daily Bid settings

Spaceboost’s bid optimizer automatically optimizes the economic performance of your campaigns. Customize your profit target or use our default algorithms based on your industry, set your ROI/CPA/CPL targets, and PPC bids for your keywords will be optimized daily to achieve the best financial results.

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Automate the control of your bids

Scale your campaigns in an intelligent and effective way. Empower your bids with return, reduce bids with losses, and pause bids that have reached a defined loss limit automatically. Spaceboost’s optimizer is the insurance of profitability that you need to scale your campaigns massively.

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