The PPC Automation Tool to Build Millions of AdWords Search Campaigns

The perfect campaign structure is possible. Start using Spaceboost’s Massive Data Matrix and you can build large, hyper-segmented Search & Shopping campaigns in seconds.

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PPC Automation Google AdWords Tool

Full campaign management automation

Spaceboost’s structure builder is probably the first and most advanced platform in the world for creating and editing PPC Search campaigns. From your usual data sources (XML, CSV, JSON, or Google Sheets) you can create massive campaigns, Adgroups & Keywords up to x10,000 faster than Google Adwords Editor. And best of all, your campaigns will be edited and updated live according to your data in an optimal and ordered way.

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Automate the management of Campaigns, Adgroups, & Keywords

Spaceboost’s structure builder is the world’s leading solution for building and automatically managing PPC Search campaigns, Adgroups, and keywords. New products available? Create millions of new Adgroups from ad & keyword templates. No more available stock? Pause those Adgroups live, save time and money at scale.

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“We’ve grown more than x10 and serving millions of users monthly. Our plan is keep growing and everything looks good so far”

Jordi Esturi, Apartum CMO