The ideal PPC management software for your Travel company

Spaceboost’s search management technology allows Travel companies to go places they’ve never been before. Create precisely structured campaigns to reach all of your potential clients with the most appropriate ad, at the exact right moment for your business.

Start now and upgrade as you grow.

Automate, optimize, scale.

Spaceboost is driving huge growth in the Travel sector, empowering businesses to create intelligent strategies to scale their businesses to places they’d never dreamed of reaching.

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Be ready for anything…

With our Optimizer tool, make sure your ads are working for you. Update your ideal CPC daily, precisely optimizing your strategy across campaigns, Adgroups, and keywords according to their performance in real-time.

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“With our algorithms, we can get to the point where we can optimize millions of keywords per day, precisely matched to the exact CPC that a client needs for each landing page.”

Gerard Raventós, RocketROI Account Manager
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Be ready for the holidays!

With our CPC algorithm, increase visibility without losing control of your investment. Define the amount you want to spend on each individual ad and significantly increase the traffic you need to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

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Take off!

With our Deep Matrix Structure Generator, reach a much larger, more clearly defined potential audience. Segment your campaigns into ads with less generic and more defined search terms to precisely match what your potential clients are searching for in their moment of need.

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The future of Travel

Spaceboost is changing the way the world reaches, engages, and delights its customers. Create more defined campaign
structures, generating many more ads, optimized in real-time to reach the right people at the right time.