Set up your account

Creating an account in Spaceboost is easy. Enter the “Register” section and follow the following steps:

1. Complete the information
Enter the data we need to open your customer and user account in Spaceboost. Once you have filled in your information, click to register.

Not sure where to start? Follow our step-by-step video and get started on the road to more efficient online marketing.

Spaceboost Launcher

2. Link your Adwords or Bing account
Click on the Google Adwords button, which will redirect you to another screen to complete the configuration.
Remember that in order to successfully make the link, you must be logged in to Google with the account that is the Administrator or the MCC of the Adwords or Bing account that you want to link.

Connect Accounts

3. Finish the process
Finally, to sign up for Spaceboost you must select which MCC or which accounts you want to link. Once these are selected, click on finish. In a few seconds you will see if the link has worked correctly. Make sure you disable any Adblocker you have enabled!

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